Exchange Programs

Students are welcome to take part in the FSS international exchange program. This program provides students the chance to learn in new environments and expand their academic perspectives. The Department of Communication is aimed at both academic research and social communication; so we believe that experiencing different cultural environments is a important part of developing a international perspective. This holds true not only for local students, but also for those incoming students that annually join our campus in Macao.

Please contact us for further information on these specific programs.

** New: Calling Application for 七彩雲南 – 少數民族文化傳播考察行 Details click here.

Application Program for 2016 – 2017


1. Hanze University Groningen, University of Applied Sciences. Groningen, The Netherlands  details 
2. The Catholic University of Portugal details
3. Shih Hsin University (Taiwan) – details
4. (IHECS) Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales, Brussels (Belgium) details

Other Programs

1. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, U.S.A. details